The aztec king

the aztec king

Even in Tenochtitlán itself fighting did not ensue immediately; the Spaniards as usual seized the cacique (that is, the king of Tenochtitlán, often called the Aztec. This is a list of the tlatoque of the pre-Columbian altepetl of Tenochtitlan. Contents. [hide]. 1 Under the Tepanec Rule; 2 Emperors of the Triple Alliance ( Aztec Empire) Aztatlan, Installed in Huey Mollan. A quauhtlatoani ("interim ruler "). Motecuhzoma certainly lived like a king. His huge palace at the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan had hanging gardens, a ten-room aviary with fresh. Following the conquest, Moctezuma's daughter Techichpotzin or Tecuichpoch became known as Isabel Moctezuma. The emperor rules the nation with an iron fist. This is an artist's impression of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan at the height of its glory and power, shortly before the arrival of the Spanish quickly put an end to it. Unfortunately, he is claimed by smallpox, introduced by the Spanish into the Americas. His face was somewhat long, but cheerful, and he had good eyes and showed in his appearance and manner both tenderness and, when necessary, gravity. Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. The Aztec Emperor lives in the luxurious Palace of Tenochtitlan. At some time during that period Moctezuma became a prisoner in his own house. Many Indigenous peoples in Mexico are reported to worship deities named after the Aztec ruler, and often a part of the myth is that someday the deified Moctezuma shall return to vindicate his people. Despite being captured initially, Cuitalahuac is freed and leads his people to drive the Spanish out of the city on 30 June. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. Upon seeing this, the king and the people of Culhuacan were horrified and expelled the Mexica. the aztec king Son of Opochtli Iztahuatzin and Atotoztli I. Listen to this page. Teotlalco was Moctezuma's principal wife. Navigation Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. It is formed into a union of four city states which also includes Culhuacan, Huitzilopochco, and Mexicaltzingo, and which is governed more remotely by Tenochtitlan. More about Montezuma II 7 References found in Britannica Articles.

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During the reign of Moctezuma I, he instigated the flower wars in which the Aztecs fought Tlaxcala and other Nahuan city-states. For a discussion of the history and nature of the Moctezuma II in the Codex Mendoza. Diego de San Francisco Tehuetzquititzin 10 House — 10 Rabbit Son of Axayacatl and a noblewoman of Itztapalapan. Tenochtitlan's sister city, Tlatelolco , is subjugated by Axayacatl, and he places a military governor in charge there.




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